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Set the preference for refreshing reports and graphs

Determine when QuickBooks refreshes a report or graph

To do this task

  1. Open the reports and graphs preferences.

    Open reports and graphs preferences
  2. On the My Preferences tab, click one of these options:

    Prompt me to refresh

    Select this option if you want to decide whether to refresh a report or graph yourself. A message tells you when a report or graph needs to be refreshed, but QuickBooks does nothing to the report or graph. If you want the report or graph to be refreshed, click the Refresh button in the report or graph window.

    Don't refresh

    Select this option if you don't want interruptions of any kind when you work with a report or graph and up-to-the-minute accuracy is not that important. This is the fastest of the three options—QuickBooks leaves the report or graph alone, and no prompts interrupt your work.

    If a change to your data makes a report or graph out of date, you can still refresh the report or graph yourself by clicking the Refresh button in the report of graph window. You'll know that the report or graph needs to be refreshed when (Refresh needed) appears in the title bar.

  3. Click OK.

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