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Reenter voided or deleted transactions

Voided and deleted transactions can be reentered using the information in the Voided and Deleted Transactions reports (Reports > Accountant & Taxes > Voided/Deleted Transaction Detail).

Reenter a deleted transaction

There is no "undo" for deleted transactions. You must recreate the transaction in order to restore it to your company file. To do so, use the information in the Voided and Deleted Transactions reports. These reports typically include the transaction amount, date, and accounts used on the transaction.

Reenter a voided transaction

There is no "undo" for voided transactions. When you void a transaction, QuickBooks zeroes the amounts but doesn't delete the transaction. The Voided and Deleted Transactions reports will display the original transaction, the voided transaction, and the newly saved transaction.

To do this task

  1. Select the voided transaction.

  2. Reenter the original amount.

  3. Save or record the transaction

Note: When you void a check (containing only expenses) you choose between just voiding the check or having QuickBooks create journal entries to maintain the accuracy of prior period reports and account balances.

If QuickBooks created journal entries for you, you need to delete these journal entries as well. Consult your accountant, as you might prefer to have them do this for you.

What happens to voided transactions when you condense your company file?

  • QuickBooks removes voided transactions from your company file only if the voided transaction doesn't link to other existing transactions.

  • You can still view information about voided and deleted transactions in the Voided and Deleted Transactions reports.

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