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Customize employee information in PivotTables

The procedure to customize employee information in PivotTables consists of the following steps.

To do this task

  1. Define the custom fields.

    1. In the Define Custom Fields window, replace the default values in the Custom Field Names fields. (This window appears only when the Customize employee information checkbox is selected and after you get QuickBooks data.)

    2. Select an employee from the list, then enter a value in the appropriate Enter custom values field.

    3. Continue until you have defined all the custom values you need for this workbook.

  2. Use the Microsoft PivotTable Wizard to create custom reports.

    1. In the Excel workbook, go to the Data menu and click PivotTable and PivotChart Report.

    2. Follow the onscreen instructions.

For more information about using the PivotTable Wizard, go to the Excel Help menu and click Microsoft Excel Help. Click Search, enter What is a PivotTable? in the Ask a question field, and then select a topic.

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