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Create reports that compare financial data from previous periods

To get a quick comparison

Create one of these reports:

These two preset reports automatically provide yearly comparisons.

Create a customized comparison

To do this task

  1. Create a profit and loss, balance sheet, time, or custom summary report.

  2. Click Customize Report at the top of the report.

  3. Click Report Dates drop-down list and choose the date range you want to compare.

  4. Select the Previous Period checkbox, the Previous Year checkbox, or both.

  5. (Optional) For each comparison, select the $ Change checkbox, the % Change checkbox, or both.

    When you select these checkboxes, the report displays the dollar change or percentage change from the previous period or year.

    Note: On time reports, there is an Hour Change checkbox instead of a $ Change checkbox.

  6. Click OK.

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