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Inventory stock status by site report

How do I create this report?

Choose Reports > Inventory > Inventory Stock Status by Site.

What this report tells you

For each site, QuickBooks lists the each item's name, description, reorder point, quantity on hand, amount for assemblies, amount available for sale, quantity on order, quantity on PO, expected delivery date, and average sales per week.

How does QuickBooks calculate average sales per week?

To calculate this amount, QuickBooks divides the quantity of sales for the report period by the number of weeks in that period.

To get a more accurate average, click the Dates drop down list and select All. QuickBooks uses the first and last transaction dates for each inventory to make the calculation.

Why are there items with No site?

These items appear on non-posting transactions:

  • Sales Orders

  • Purchase Orders

  • Pending Builds

You don't have to specify a site on these transactions. You will have to specify a site when you transfer these transactions to posting transactions:

  • Invoices/Sales Receipts

  • Bills/Checks/Credit Card Charges

  • Build Assemblies

Date range

The report shows inventory value for the current month. To change the period of time the report covers, click the Dates drop-down arrow and choose a different date range.

What do the different date ranges mean?

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