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What's important about the Memorize Report window

When you memorize a report, or import a memorized report template, you must assign a unique name to the report and indicate whether you want the report to be part of a memorized report group.

To do this task

  1. Enter a name for the report in the Name field. Each memorized report must have a different name.

  2. To add the memorized report to an existing report group, choose the Save in Memorized Report Group checkbox and choose the group you want from the drop-down list.

What the reports don't contain

Memorized reports and memorized report templates that you import do not contain data. When you recall a memorized report, it uses its settings to draw data from your company file. For example, if a memorized report is set to show data from "last month," recalling the report will always show last month's data, regardless of the month of the year.

Column widths that were adjusted in the original report or template are not memorized. If the adjusted widths are important to you, you must adjust them each time you recall the report.

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