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Reports help answer questions about your business

report; report

QuickBooks provides many preset reports that focus on all aspects of your business finances. These reports answer many of your business questions, such as:

  • How much do my customers owe me?

  • How much do I owe for the business items I've purchased?

  • Bottom line, how is my business doing?

The best way to find the report you need is to use the Report Center, where you can:

  • Browse through report categories and the related reports for each category.

  • Learn what a report will tell you by viewing sample report images and report descriptions.

  • Create and access a list of your favorite reports.

  • Quickly access recently viewed reports.

  • Search for a report based on words found in its title or description.

  • Find more reports on the Intuit Community site.

  • Access the Report Learning Center.

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