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Share a custom report

Sharing your custom reports helps other QuickBooks users get the reports they need. You can also use reports that others have contributed.

Note: QuickBooks doesn't share any financial date from your company file. When you share a report, you're only sharing the report structure, not your data.

When sharing a report, please provide information on each of the following tabs:


Give your report a title and write a brief description. Make the description clear so others know what the report is for. To help others use your report, use QuickBooks terminology rather than your own. For example, you use classes to track multiple locations in QuickBooks, and you create a location-specific report. Instead of using the word "location" in your report, use "class" because QuickBooks uses classes to track locations.

Please include your email address in case someone from QuickBooks needs to contact you. QuickBooks doesn't share your email address with other users.

Additional Report Info

Click the Report type drop-down arrow and select the most appropriate category for your report.

Next to Related industries, select the industries that would benefit most from your report. If your report isn't related to a particular industry, select the Select all checkbox.
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