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What refreshing does to reports and graphs

When you create a report or graph, it can be affected by subsequent changes to your company data. Normally, QuickBooks adjusts a report or graph immediately when a change occurs. For example, if you record a sale after creating a sales by item summary report, QuickBooks adjusts the totals in the report to include the new sale.

Sometimes, QuickBooks can't make an immediate adjustment. When this happens, the only way to bring a report or graph up to date is to refresh it. Refreshing rebuilds the entire report or graph from scratch, and can take a long time.

Because refreshing interrupts the flow of your work, QuickBooks gives you control over when refreshing occurs. You can choose:

  • A prompt that gives you the option to refresh.

  • Automatic refreshing (no prompt appears).

  • No prompt, no automatic refreshing (QuickBooks leaves the report or graph alone. You can still refresh the report or graph by clicking the Refresh button).

The choices are available on the My Preferences tab of the Report and Graph Preferences window.

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