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About report templates

A report template lets you import the layout and filter settings of a memorized report so that you can recreate the report using data from your own company file.

What gets imported?

Only the settings used to create the report are imported—not the actual data. When you import a report template, a new memorized report (or report group) appears in your Memorized Report list.

Who can import report templates?

Any QuickBooks user who has a compatible version of QuickBooks can import your report templates. In general, versions of QuickBooks released in the same year are compatible with each other. For example, if you have a QuickBooks Premier Edition 2011, anybody who has the 2011 or later edition of QuickBooks Pro, Premier, or Enterprise Solutions can import your templates.

Occasionally, an update patch affects compatibility for QuickBooks versions released in the same year. When that happens, other users must have the current update in addition to the current year's release of the Pro, Premier, or Enterprise Solutions edition. When either an update or version incompatibility exists, a warning message appears when someone tries to import a report template.

Can I create templates for others to use?

You must have QuickBooks Premier, the Accountant Edition of Premier, or an Enterprise Solutions edition to create report templates. If you have a QuickBooks Pro, you can only import templates.

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