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What's important about the Print Reports window

Printer name

Printer name



To create


A file that you can edit in a word processor. In this format, spaces appear between columns of text.

When you work with this file in the word processing program, use a non-proportional type font (such as Courier) to make the columns align as they do on the report or list.

Comma delimited

A file you can edit in a spreadsheet program. In this format, commas appear between columns of text, and quotes appear around text but not around amounts.

Lotus 1-2-3 calls this type of file a.PRN file, while Microsoft Excel calls it a.CSV file.

Tab delimited

A file you can edit easily in a spreadsheet program or a word processor. In this format, tab characters appear between columns of text.

Options button

Options button

Orientation: Portrait or Landscape

Orientation: Portrait or Landscape

Smart page breaks

QuickBooks automatically improves the presentation of printed reports by preventing awkward page breaks.

Within small groupings of data, QuickBooks avoids splitting related data across two pages. Within larger groupings, QuickBooks chooses the most logical place to insert a page break.

Page break after each major grouping

Some reports group information into major categories such as customer, vendor, employee, or even type of account. For instance, the major groupings in a balance sheet report are "Assets" and "Liabilities & Equity."

When printing a report that contains major groupings, select this option to start each major grouping on a new page.

This option is not available for reports that contain only small groupings. For example, most transaction reports have this option, but most summary reports do not.

Fit report to __ page(s) wide

When a report has too many columns to fit across the width of a single page of paper, QuickBooks prints the extra columns on additional pages. Select this option to scale down reports so that all columns fit across a single page or to specify the number of pages.

Note: If the report would normally print across fewer than the selected number of pages, QuickBooks does not scale the report up.

Page Range*

To do this task

  1. In the Page Range section, click Pages.

  2. In the From field, enter the number of the first page you want to print.

  3. In the To field, enter the last page number you want to print.

  4. Make any other changes and then click OK.

Number of copies*

Number of copies*

Print in color

Select this checkbox if you have a color printer and you want the document to print in color.

Margins tab

Margins tab

Preview button*

Preview button*

* Indicates the option does not appear when you open this window by going to the File menu and choosing Printer Setup. The option does appear in the Print Report window.

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