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Paid Through

The Paid Through filter looks at the date on a liability check or liability adjustment that shows the date the liabilities were paid through, not the date of the transaction itself.

To use

Do this

A standard period of time

Choose one of the time periods shown on the Paid Through drop-down list.

Calendar dates

Enter the dates in the From and To fields. For example, enter 6/15/03 and 6/30/03, to show transactions dated between June 15th and June 30th, 2003.

Example: If it is the second quarter and you want to find the liability checks that paid your first quarter payroll liabilities, click thePaid Through drop-down list and choose Last Quarter. Most companies pay their first quarter payroll liabilities on April 15. The Paid Through filter finds only the liability checks that had a Paid Through date of March 31.

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