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What's important about the Modify Report window

The selections you make in this window change the current report. You can make as many—or few—changes as you need.

Important fields

Report Dates

Report Dates

Report Basis

This setting determines how the report calculates income and expenses.

  • Select Cash if you want the report to base income and expenses on the date that cash actually changes hands. For example, a cash basis report treats a customer payment for an invoice as income, but not an unpaid invoice.

  • Select Accrual if you want the report to base income on the date you billed a customer, and expenses on the date you entered a bill. For example, an accrual basis report includes both a customer payment and an unpaid invoice as income.

To change the report basis for all reports, and not just for this particular report, select the basis you want in the Reports & Graphs Preferences window. (Reports that list transactions individually always appear as accrual basis reports when you create them. To change one of these reports to cash basis, you must use the Modify Report window.)


The selections on this list create subtotal columns for specific time periods or other factors. For example, choosing Week adds weekly subtotal columns to the report.


Choose Total only to exclude subtotals from the report.

Choose Account list to subtotal by each account in your chart of accounts.


Changes the calendar base for report dates. For example, you can change the base from your company's fiscal year to the calendar year.

Also determines whether zero amounts and inactive accounts appear in the report.


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