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The Header/Footer tab

You may see some or all of these fields on the Header/Footer tab of the Modify Reports window.

Show Header Information

The header appears at the top of each report page. It includes your company name (as shown in the Company Info window), the title of the report, the date range of the report, and the format of the date you prepared the report.

Change the header

To do this task

  • To change what appears in the header, edit the Company Name, Report Title, Subtitle, and Date Prepared.

  • If you want the show the time at which the report was prepared, select the Time Prepared checkbox. If you want to show the report basis, select the Report Basis checkbox.

  • To remove a line from the header, clear the checkbox for that line.

  • If you don't want the header to appear after the first page of the report, clear the Print header on pages after first page checkbox.

Show Footer Information

The footer appears at the bottom of each report page. It includes the page number and a blank extra line where you can put a word or phrase of your choosing.

Change the footer

To do this task

  • To change the page numbering style, click the Page Number list and choose a different style.

  • To suppress page numbering, clear the Page Number checkbox.

  • To add an extra line of information below the page number, fill in the Extra Footer Line field.

  • If you don't want the footer to appear on the first page, clear the Print footer on first page checkbox.

Page Layout

The page layout you choose from the drop-down list affects the way header and footer information appears on your report page. To see the effect of different page layouts, choose from the drop-down list and view the position of headers and footers in the illustration.

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