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Fonts & Numbers tab of the Modify Reports window

You may see some or all of these fields on the Fonts & Numbers tab of the Modify Reports window.

Change Font For

Select the report element for which you want to change the font, then click Change Font to open a window where you can make your changes.

Show Negative Numbers

Select one of the first three options for showing negative numbers on reports. Then choose whether or not to display your choice in red.

  • Normally shows negative numbers with a leading minus like this -300.00

  • In Parentheses shows negative numbers enclosed in parentheses.

  • With a Trailing Minus shows negative numbers with a trailing minus like this 300.00-.

  • In Bright Red changes negative numbers to red, making them easier to see.

Show All Numbers

Select any combination of these options to simplify how numbers appear on reports.

  • Divided by 1000 shows amounts rounded to the nearest tenth of a thousand. For example, 1876.00 becomes 1.9.

  • Except zero amounts hides amounts of 0.00 on the report. Choosing this option can improve readability for large reports with many zero amounts. (This field does not appear on detail reports.)

  • Without cents shows amounts rounded to the nearest dollar. For example, 50.68 becomes 51.

Important: If you came to this window from the Reports and Graphs Preferences window, your changes affect all reports. Otherwise, your changes affect only the current report.

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