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What's important about the Classify Cash window

If you need to make changes to the statement of cash flows report, you can use this window to add accounts, remove accounts, or change the section in which an account appears.

Important: In most cases, you do not need to modify this report. Before making changes, it is recommended that you consult an accountant.

The Account Name column lists the accounts that can appear in the report. This includes balance sheet accounts (other than bank accounts), income accounts, and expense accounts.

Which accounts appear in the report?

By default, each balance sheet account appears in a section of the report.

Income and expense accounts are not automatically assigned to a section because they are included in the Net Income at the top of the report.

What changes can you make?

In some cases, your accountant may request that you change the report to show your cash inflows and outflows in a different way.

  • Moving an account: You can move a balance sheet account to a different section of the report to change its classification.

  • Adding an account: If you have an income or expense account that tracks only non-cash transactions (such as depreciation expense), you can add it to the report.

To preserve the accuracy of the report, you cannot remove balance sheet accounts.

Do not add accounts that track cash income or expense.

In some cases, your accountant may request that you add an income or expense account to the report to show non-cash income or expense in a different way. Before adding the account, make sure that you have not used it to track cash income or expense.

  • Correct: You have an expense account called "Depreciation" that you use only for depreciation of fixed assets. To see the adjustment for this non-cash expense in the Operating Activities section of the report, you add the account to that section.

  • Incorrect: You have an account called "Truck expense" that you use for all vehicle expenses, including depreciation, repair costs, and fuel. Removing this account from the report removes real expenses for repair costs and fuel, causing numbers in the statement of cash flows report to become incorrect.

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