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What's important about the Modify Report window

The selections you make in this window change the current report. You can make as many—or as few—changes as you need.

Important fields

Report Dates

Report Dates


From the Display tab in the Modify Report window, you can choose how the time report breaks down the amounts for time worked. For example, if you select "Time by job by item," the report shows how much time went into each type of work your company did for each job. For example:

Crawley, Donna:bath repair

Foundation 7:00

Labor 4:00

Total Crawley, Donna:bath repair 11:00

If instead you wanted the report to show how much time each employee worked on each job, you would choose "Time by job by name." The information about the bath repair for Donna Crawley would then look like this:

Crawley, Donna:bath repair

Andrew Lee 7:00

Ed Brooks 4:00

Total Crawley, Donna:bath repair 11:00


The selections on this list create subtotal columns for specific time periods or other factors. For example, choosing Week adds weekly subtotal columns to the report.


Choose Total only to exclude subtotals from the report.

Choose Account list to subtotal by each account in your chart of accounts.

Other Columns

Other Columns


Changes the calendar base for report dates. For example, you can change the base from your company's fiscal year to the calendar year.

Also determines whether zero amounts and inactive accounts appear in the report.


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