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Net worth graph

How do I create this graph?

To do this task

  1. Go to the Reports menu and choose Company & Financial.

  2. Click Net Worth Graph.

What this graph tells you

This type of graph shows changes in your company's net worth.

The graph shows the following amounts for each month of the period covered by the graph:

  • Total assets (positive amounts) These appear as bars above the zero line.

  • Total liabilities (negative amounts) These appear as bars below the zero line.

  • Net worth (equity) This is the difference between your assets and liabilities for each month.

The net worth data points are connected to form a line graph. Each small square shows the net worth for that month. You can double-click the assets or liabilities section of a bar (or one equity data point) to see a pie chart of account balances for that portion of the balance sheet for that month.

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