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Customer QuickReport

How do I create this report?

To do this task

  1. In the Customer Center, choose a Customer or Job from the list.

  2. Click QuickReport.

What this report tells you

This report lists chronologically transactions related to a particular customer or job, including:

  • Estimates

  • Invoices

  • Statement charges

  • Credits

  • Payments received for the job

Note: Payments received from a parent customer will not appear on this report. To see these payments, you need to look at the Customer Balance Detail report.

If you selected a customer name instead of the name of a specific job, the report groups the transactions by each job your company performed for the customer.

To open any of the transactions listed, double-click the transaction's entry in the report.

Date range

The report shows transactions for the current month to date. To change the period covered, click the Dates drop-down list and choose a different date range.

What do the different date ranges mean?

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