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Unclassified amounts on Balance Sheet by Class report

The Balance Sheet by Class report is only available in QuickBooks Premier and &qb_enterprise_solutions;.

The Balance Sheet by Class report shows unclassified amounts in an Unclassified column. QuickBooks generates these amounts if it can't find or calculate a class for a transaction. This happens if:

  1. You forgot to enter a class.

    For example, you didn't assign a class to a line item on a bill or invoice.

    To correct the problem, double-click to QuickZoom an amount in the column to see the detail. Then double-click to QuickZoom a line in the report to see the transaction. Assign a class to the transaction.

  2. There is no field to enter a class and no prior transaction in the workflow.

    For example, you can't enter a class in the Receive Payments window. Usually QuickBooks assigns the class based on the first transaction in the workflow (in this case, invoice). However, if you enter a prepayment or deposit in the Receive Payments window, there is no prior transaction that QuickBooks can refer to for the class. The prepayment appears as unclassified on the report.

    Note: Later, when you apply the prepayment against an invoice, QuickBooks classifies the amount on the report.

  3. You entered a class, but the report doesn't support the transaction.

    There are several transactions that the Balance by Class report doesn't support. Some of these transactions create unclassified amounts. For example, you can't allocate a paycheck to multiple classes. If you do, the amounts appear as unclassified on the report. Learn more about unsupported transactions and their solutions.

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