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Voided and deleted transactions detail report

QuickBooks tracks transactions that you void or delete and displays their detailed history in this report.

Important Information

How do I create this report?

Choose Reports > Accountant & Taxes > Voided/Deleted Transactions Detail.

How do I see transactions that I voided with a previous QuickBooks version?

Note: By default, this report only shows posting transactions.

To show nonposting transactions

To do this task

  1. Click Customize Report.

  2. Choose the Filters tab.

  3. Select Posting Status from the Filter scroll box.

  4. Choose Non-posting or Either (shows both posting and nonposting).

Columns in this report

  • Action: Shows whether the transaction was voided, deleted or unvoided. A transaction may have multiple entries, for example if it was voided, unvoided, and then deleted. For each action, this column shows the current state (after voiding, unvoiding, or deleting); and the previous state (before voiding, unvoiding, or deleting). This report also shows Debit and Credit information and other details for each account involved in the voided or deleted transaction.

  • Entered/Last Modified Date: The date on which the transaction was entered or was last changed.

  • Date: The date on which the transaction occurred.

  • Num: The transaction's number, such as the check number or invoice number.

  • Name: The name of the person or company that appears in the transaction.

  • Memo: If present, the text entered in the Memo field of the transaction.

  • Account: The account associated with the transaction.

  • Split: The item involved in the transaction. If the transaction includes more than one item, each will appear on a separate line.

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