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Transaction list by date report

How do I create this report?

Choose Reports > Accountant & Taxes > Transaction List by Date.

How can I modify this report to show all transactions sent to my financial institution?

  1. Choose Reports > Accountant & Taxes > Transaction List by Date.

  2. Click Customize Report at the top of the report and click the Filters tab.

  3. Select Date from the Filter scroll box and enter the appropriate date range.

  4. Select Online Status from the Filter scroll box. Click the Online Status drop-down arrow and choose Online sent.

  5. Click OK to view the modified report.

What this report tells you

This report lists all the transactions that occurred within a period of time. The report is useful if what you need is a straight chronological listing of all the transactions your company made. The report lists transactions for the current month, but you can change the period of time by choosing a different date range from the Dates drop-down list.

To open any of the transactions listed, double-click the transaction's entry in the report.

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