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Job profitability detail report

How do I create this report?

Go to the Reports menu, click Jobs, Time, & Mileage, and then click Job Profitability Detail.

What this report tells you

This report shows how much money your company has made to date on the customer or job whose name you entered. The report lists costs and revenues for each item you billed to the customer so you can see which parts of the job were profitable and which parts were not.

  • The Act. Cost column shows your company's cost for each item billed. If you use QuickBooks payroll, the column includes salary and wages assigned to the job. If you also set up QuickBooks to include payroll expenses prorated by job, the report includes those expenses as costs.

  • The Act. Revenue column shows the revenue your company earned for each item billed.

  • The ($) Diff column shows the difference between costs and revenues. A positive amount in this column means that your company made money; a negative amount means that your company lost money.

To see a list of the transactions that make up an amount, double-click the amount.

Date range

The report covers all dates from your QuickBooks records. You can restrict the period covered by choosing a different date range from the Dates drop-down list.

What do the different date ranges mean?

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