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Sales by rep detail report

How do I create this report?

Go to the Reports menu, click Sales, and then click Sales by Rep Detail.

What this report tells you

This report is a more detailed version of the sales by rep summary report. In addition to showing sales income from each sales representative, this report lists the sales transactions that contributed to each sales total. The report includes income from parts, services, and other charge items recorded on an invoice or sales receipt. It does not include income from sales tax or reimbursed expenses.

This report can be useful if you pay your sales representatives a commission. It sorts each item on each invoice by sales rep. In addition, it lists the original invoice line item amount and the amount paid. If the invoice was partially paid, the sales rep gets credit only for the amount that was paid.

Note: You may want to view this report on a cash basis, even if your organization usually uses the accrual method. If you view this report on a cash basis, it won't show what was sold during this time period. Instead, it will show what the customer paid during this time period. Cash flow problems can occur if you pay your sales reps a commission before your customer pays you. To view the information in the way that is most useful for your business, you can change the basis of the report.

Change the report basis

For the information in this report to be accurate:

  • Create sales representatives in QuickBooks.

    The Sales Rep list is separate from your employee list and doesn't link to your employee information, so you can add in-house reps (employees) and outside sales reps (non-employees) to the list.

  • Assign a sales rep to every invoice in QuickBooks. To do this, enter the name of the sales rep into the Rep field on the invoice.

  • Generate a draft of the report.

  • Before calculating the commission owed to each sales rep, look at the bottom of the report. If you see "No sales rep" listed in place of a sales rep name then some invoices were not assigned a sales rep. Double-click each invoice line to QuickZoom to it and assign a sales rep to each invoice before calculating commissions. If you don't see "No sales rep" listed, you are ready to calculate your sales commissions.

The amount you owe the sales rep is not calculated on this report, however you can export this report to Excel, enter your sales commission percentage, and let Excel do the calculations.

Date range

The report shows sales for the current month, but you can change the period of time covered by the report by choosing a different date range from the Dates drop-down list.

What do the different date ranges mean?

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