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Purchases by item summary report

How do I create this report?

Choose Reports > Purchases > Purchases by Item Summary.

What this report tells you

This report summarizes your unit and dollar purchases, subtotaled by the types of items you purchase.

Because you have Enhanced Inventory Receiving turned on in this file, QuickBooks shows a column for each way you purchased items (bills, checks, and credit cards).

Note: With EIR, bills don't affect inventory, and item receipts don't affect accounts payable. So if you QuickZoom a bill, QuickBooks only displays the amount. And if you QuickZoom an item receipt, QuickBooks only displays the quantity.

The report includes purchases of items recorded on the Items tab of bills, checks, and credit card charges. It does not include direct expenses recorded on the Expenses tab, or payroll-related expenses. To get a report about all of your non-payroll related expenses, create either an expenses by vendor summary report or an expenses by vendor detail report. Both of these reports are listed under Company & Financial on the Reports menu.

Date range

The report shows purchases for the current month, but you can change the period of time covered by the report by choosing a different date range from the Dates drop-down list.

What do the different date ranges mean?

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