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Payroll liability balances report

How do I create this report?

Choose Reports > Employees & Payroll > Payroll Liability Balances.

What this report tells you

This report lists the payroll liabilities your company owes to various agencies, such as the federal government, your state government, insurance plan administrators, labor unions, etc. The report covers unpaid liabilities incurred during the period of time shown in the From and To fields. If your company paid a liability incurred within the date range of the report, the report omits that liability, even if the payment occurred after the ending date of the report.

You can change this report to show what you paid instead of what you owe.

To do this task

  1. Click Customize Report and then click the Filters tab.

  2. Select Transaction Type from the Filter scroll box.

  3. Click the Transaction Type drop-down arrow and select Payroll Liability Check.

To see a list of the transactions that make up an amount, double-click the amount.


Suppose you want to see how much you currently owe for each payroll tax for the current quarter. You know that if you have less than a $1,000 tax liability for taxes filed with your federal Form 941 during the quarter, you can wait and make a payment when you file your Form 941.

You can find out quickly by creating a payroll liability balances report. The report shows liabilities incurred during the date range specified that are still unpaid.

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