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Unrealized Gains & Losses report

How do I create this report?

Go to the Reports menu, click Company & Financial, and then click Unrealized Gains & Losses. In the Enter Exchange Rates window, enter values to create the report.

What this report tells you

This summary report lists your foreign accounts and calculates the potential gain or loss for each account. Unrealized gains or losses affect only open (unpaid) transactions as of the date you entered when you created the report.

This is the money you would make or lose by either receiving payment for a sale or making payment on a debt using the exchange rate you entered when you created the report.

You would typically run this report at the end of each accounting period, and then record a home currency adjustment to account for this potential gain (income) or loss (expense).

Default report columns


The currency of the account tracking the open balance.

Foreign Balance

The total (in the foreign currency) of open balances for the foreign account.

Exchange Rate

The exchange rate you entered, which is used to calculate the potential gains or losses.

Adjusted Balance

The home currency balance using the exchange rate you entered.

Current Balance

The home currency balance using the original exchange rates on each transaction.


The difference (in home currency) between the adjusted balance using the rate you entered and the current balance using the original rates.

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