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Payroll summary report

How do I create this report?

  1. Go to the Reports menu and click Employees & Payroll.

  2. Click Payroll Summary.

What this report tells you

This report shows the total wages, taxes withheld, deductions from net pay, additions to net pay, and employer-paid taxes and contributions for each employee on your payroll.

In the report, Gross Pay includes commissions and additions such as bonuses or tips. Adjusted Gross Pay is gross pay minus any pre-tax deductions such as an employee contribution to a 401(k) plan. Net Pay is the amount paid to the employee after taxes, and after any adjustments for after-tax deductions (such as a loan payment) or additions (such as reimbursed travel expenses).

The Employer Taxes and Contributions section of the report shows amount accrued during the period covered by the report, regardless of whether your company paid them.

To open a list of the payroll transactions that make up an amount, double-click the amount.


Let's say you want to know how much money you spend on your payroll. You can run a payroll summary report to see your payroll totals by employee and for the whole company for a single payroll period.

Date range

The report covers this calendar quarter. You can change the period of time covered by choosing a different date range from the Dates drop-down list.

What do the different date ranges mean?

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