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Employee state taxes detail report

How do I create this report?

To do this task

  1. Go to the Reports menu and click Employees & Payroll.

  2. Click Employee State Taxes Detail.

What this report tells you

This report lists wage information and state taxes withheld for each employee. The report can help you prepare your state payroll taxes.

The report shows all the state-related payroll items for each employee. You can make the report more useful by restricting it to a single payroll item. For example, to see each employee's wage base for state unemployment insurance, click the Payroll Item drop-down list and choose that payroll item. Each time you choose a different payroll item, the report changes to show employee totals for that item.

Memorize the report each time you choose a different payroll item. This creates a set of memorized reports, each filtered for a specific payroll item, that you can reuse the next time you need employee tax information.

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