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Profit & loss budget performance report


Profit & Loss

balance sheet; balance sheet

How do I create this report?

To do this task

  1. Go to the Reports menu, choose Budgets & Forecasts and then click Profit & Loss Budget Performance.

What this report tells you

This report summarizes how your actual income and expenses compare to what you've budgeted for the current month and year.

To see a list of the transactions that make up an amount, double-click the amount.

Date range

When you select this report to display it, the Budget Report wizard opens. In the wizard, you select which budget fiscal year you want to use. To change the period covered outside the wizard, click the Dates drop-down list and choose a different date range.

What do the different date ranges mean?

Ways to customize this report

Report only on those accounts that have a budget

Report only the accounts that have a budget

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