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Payroll detail review

How do I create this report?

Go to the Reports menu, click Employees & Payroll, and then click Payroll Detail Review.

What this report tells you

This report provides detailed information about how QuickBooks calculates tax amounts on employee paychecks and in year-to-date transactions.

When you create a paycheck in QuickBooks, you may notice that a certain flat-rate tax such as Social Security has stopped calculating, or that the tax amount has increased since the last time you created a paycheck for this employee. You can use this report as a research tool to see exactly what numbers QuickBooks used to calculate the tax amounts.

The report covers the calendar year to date. To change the period covered, click the Dates drop-down list and choose a different date range.


Suppose you suspect that Social Security tax was underwithheld on some employees' paychecks during the last payroll run, and you want to see exactly how QuickBooks calculated Social Security and other flat-rate taxes.

You can generate a payroll detail review report and see the detail behind each flat-tax calculation on every employee paycheck. This report helps you identify when QuickBooks adjusts a tax amount (to correct an error in the payroll data, for example), when your payroll administrator makes manual adjustments, or when a tax has encountered an annual wage base limit.

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