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How accounts are combined in a QuickBooks Combined Report

Accounts will be combined:

  • If they have the same name, same type, and are at the same hierarchical level in each report.

  • If the account name contains the same text, regardless of case, either upper or lower (for example, accounts named "Denver Sales" will be combined with "denver sales.")(for example, accounts named "Northern District Sales" will be combined with "northern district sales").

Accounts that will not be combined:

  • Accounts at different levels (For example, "Telephone" account is not combined with "Telephone" sub-account.)

  • Spelling differences (For example, 'telephone' is not combined with 'phone.')

  • Different account numbers or one with a number and one without.

Accounts are listed by type. Within each type, accounts are listed in the order of what has been done in the first selected company file. Subsequent accounts from the other company files are appended in the order they are encountered.

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