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Moving a transaction to a different account

If you enter a transaction into the wrong account, you can usually correct your mistake without having to re-enter the transaction.

To do this task

  1. Open the register where you mistakenly entered the transaction.

    Open the register

    Note: You can't move bill payments to vendors (BILLPMT), paychecks to employees (PAY CHK), sales tax payments (TAXPMT), and payroll tax/liability checks (LIAB CHK). Instead, you must delete them and then re-enter them into the correct account.

  2. Select the transaction.

  3. Go to the Edit menu and click Copy Transaction.

  4. In the menu, the word "Transaction" changes depending upon the type of transaction you have selected in the register. For example, if you have selected a check, the command is Copy Check. Do not choose the Copy command, which appears above the Copy Transaction command.

  5. Open the register for the correct account. Position the cursor in the blank transaction at the bottom of the register.

    Restriction: You can copy and paste a transaction only between registers that accept the same types of transactions. For example, all bank transactions and credit card transactions have similar fields, so you can copy and paste a bank transaction into a credit card register. On the other hand, you cannot paste an A/R transaction (such as an invoice), or an A/P transaction (such as a bill) into a bank account register.

  6. Go to the Edit menu and click Paste.

  7. Click Record to save the transaction in the new register.

  8. Delete the transaction from the original register.

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