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Jumping to a transaction in a register

When you're working in a register, you can jump to a transaction if you know:

  • The exact amount of the transaction.

  • The payee name.

  • The transaction number.

  • A word or phrase that appears in the transaction's memo.

Important: You can do this only within the current register. If you need to search across multiple account registers, or search for different information than what is listed above, use the Find command instead.

To do this task

  1. Go to the Lists menu and click Chart of Accounts. Shortcut

  2. Double-click the appropriate account to open its register.

  3. In the toolbar at the top of the register, click Go to ....

  4. Click the Which Field drop-down list and choose the field that applies to what you're searching for.

  5. In the Search For field, enter one of the following:

    • The payee name (the name can be a customer, vendor, employee, or a name from your Other Names list)

    • An amount

    • The transaction number

    • The text from the Memo field

  6. Click Next to search forward through the register; click Back to search backward.

    QuickBooks selects the first transaction that matches the search criteria you set.

  7. When you are through searching, click Cancel or press Esc to close the Go To window.

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