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What's important about the Go To window

Use this window to search for a transaction in the current register. If you need to search across more than one account, or search for information that Go To can't find, use Find on the Edit menu.

Which Field

Click the drop-down list and choose the field that contains the information you're searching for. For example, if you are searching for a payee name, select Payee/Name. This narrows the search to the Payee or Name field of the register.

Search For

Enter what you are searching for:

  • For the Payee or Name field, click a name from the drop-down list.

  • For the Amount field, enter an amount.

  • For the Number or Ref field, enter a transaction number.

  • For the Memo field, enter part or all of the memo text.

Prev and Next

Click Next or Prev to find the next matching transaction in the register.

  • Click Prev to search above the current transaction.

  • Click Next to search below the current transaction.

Minimize the Go To window before you click Next or Prev. This allows you to see which transactions are found in the register while you are using the Go To window.

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