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Ordering non-inventory or service items on purchase orders (POs)

You can use a purchase order for items you don't stock or resell. When you write a purchase order for non-inventory items, you can include these types of items on the purchase order form:

  • Non-inventory Part

  • Fixed Asset

  • Service

  • Other Charge

When you write purchase orders for non-inventory items, you can still track your open purchase orders to see what you have and have not received. However, QuickBooks excludes non-inventory items from reports that show items on order.

Important: If you enter a non-inventory or service item in the detail area of a purchase order, make sure you assign an expense account to the item (fixed asset account if the item is an asset). If you sell the item you are ordering, set up the item so that it has both an income account for sales and an expense account for purchases.

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