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Create a purchase order

To do this task

  1. Turn on your preference for using purchase orders. This preference also turns on inventory.

  2. Go to the Vendors menu and click Create Purchase Orders.

  3. (Optional) Click the Template drop-down arrow and choose a new template.

  4. Click the Vendor drop-down arrow and choose an existing vendor or enter a new vendor.

    What if the vendor is also a customer?

  5. (Optional) If you use class tracking, click the Class drop-down arrow and choose a class for this purchase order.

  6. (Optional) Change the entries in the Vendor (address), Date, P.O. No, Ship To, Expected, or FOB fields.

    Can I ship items to a customer or vendor address?

  7. Fill in the line item area by entering the items you're ordering.

    Ordering non-inventory or service items

    Ordering items for a specific customer or job

  8. (Optional) Use the Memo and/or Vendor Message fields to document the purchase order.

  9. (Optional) If your supplier uses a currency different than your home currency, you can manually adjust the exchange rate if necessary.

    QuickBooks uses the most recent exchange rate from the Currency list for foreign transactions.

    Exchange rates can't be changed for home currency transactions. The exchange rate field on home currency names and accounts is disabled and always uses a value of 1.0.

  10. Save the purchase order.

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