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Receive only some of the items on a purchase order

As you are recording the receipt of items against a purchase order, you can edit the quantity to match the quantity actually received.

To do this task

  1. To open the Create Item Receipts window, go to the Vendors menu and click Receive Items or Receive Items and Enter Bill.

  2. Choose the vendor from whom you received the items.

    If there are open purchase orders for this vendor, QuickBooks gives you a chance to receive against them.

  3. Click Yes in the Open PO's Exist window.

  4. In the Open Purchase Orders window, select each purchase order that contains items you're receiving, and then click OK.

  5. In the Create Item Receipts window, make any necessary changes to the line items, such as changing the quantity or cost (or deleting an item completely from the detail area).

    • If most of the order did not arrive, click Clear Qtys on the Items tab and then enter quantities for the items that did arrive.

    • To delete a line item from the Items tab, select the item, go to the Edit menu, and then click Delete Line.

  6. Save the item receipt.

If the vendor notifies you that an item is no longer available, close it manually on the purchase order.

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