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Edit progress invoicing detail

To do this task

  1. Open the invoice for which you want to edit the progress invoicing information.

  2. Click Progress.

  3. Edit any values for the current invoice and click OK.

    Note: When you try to view progress detail for an invoice (or try to change a progress invoice directly), QuickBooks displays a message if you have changed the estimate since recording the invoice. It asks whether you want to update the information on the detail screen to agree with the estimate.

    • To update the information displayed, click Yes.

      QuickBooks updates quantities, rates, and amounts for both the estimate for this job, and for all other progress invoices based on the estimate. Thus, the "Prior" columns will now include progress invoices subsequent to this invoice (as well as ones prior to this invoice).

    • To keep the old information in the progress detail window, click No.

    • To keep the old information and return to the invoice, click Cancel.

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