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Make fine alignment adjustments for your printer

To do this task

  1. Make sure your page-oriented printer is turned on and online and that the forms you want to print are inserted into the printer's paper feed mechanism.

  2. Open the Printer Setup window, if it isn't open already.

    1. Choose File > Printer Setup.

  3. Click the Form Name drop-down arrow and select the type of form you want to print.

  4. Click the Align button.

    The window doesn't have an "Align" button.

    You can only adjust the alignment for checks and business forms. If you select another type of form, the Align button doesn't appear.

  5. (For business forms only) Select the template you want to use for alignment and click OK.

    (For checks only) In the Align Checks window, select the number of checks you're printing



    Full page of checks

    There are 3 checks per page (the normal situation).

    Two checks on page

    The first page has 2 checks.

    One check on page

    The first page has only 1 check.

    You can save up to 3 sets of adjustments, 1 for each situation.

  6. Click Print Sample.

  7. Check the alignment grid that QuickBooks printed on the sample to estimate how far to move the text.

  8. In the Vertical and Horizontal fields, enter a number for how much and in what direction to move the printed text.

  9. (Optional) Click Print Sample to test whether you have corrected the alignment problem.

  10. When the alignment is the way you want it to be, click OK.

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