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Adjust alignment for forms and checks

If the text is out of position when you print checks, sales forms, purchase orders, labels, tax forms, or statements, you can adjust the alignment of the text so that it prints correctly.

Wallet check users: Using the wrong wallet check type may result in alignment problems when printing checks. Make sure you've selected the correct wallet check type before aligning your checks.

To do this task

Determine which printer type you need to adjust:

  • For a continuous-feed printer, start with coarse adjustments.

    A continuous-feed printer prints on a continuous sheet of paper that has perforations for individual pages. Most dot matrix printers are continuous-feed printers.

    Note: Use this method only if you're using checks, invoices, or statements that you purchased from Intuit. You can't adjust other continuous-feed forms with this method.

  • For a page-oriented printer, use only fine adjustments.

    A page-oriented printer prints on separate pages of paper fed from a paper tray. Most laser printers and ink jet printers are page-oriented printers. A few dot matrix printers are also page-oriented printers.

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