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Add or remove all lines on a form in printer setup

You can set up your printer so that it prints lines (borders) or omits them when printing all QuickBooks forms. This option is available for credit memos, estimates, invoices, sales receipts, sales orders, purchase orders, and statements. You can also set this option for single forms as you print them.

What's the difference?

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  • If you usually print sales orders on your company letterhead paper, you'll probably want to print lines and borders on your sales orders.

  • If you print your invoices on Intuit preprinted forms (which already have lines), you won't want the lines to print. For your invoices, then, you'll change this option so that lines won't print on all invoices.

  • If you occasionally print invoices on plain paper instead of preprinted forms, you can add or remove the lines when you print just that invoice.

I want to add or remove lines:

  • Every time I print a particular form

    To do this task

    1. Click the File menu and then click Printer Setup.

    2. Click the Form Name drop-down arrow, choose the type of form (for example, Invoice) and then do one of the following:

      • To remove all lines from all forms of this type (for example, all predefined and customized invoices), click Do not print lines around each field.

      • To add lines or borders to all forms of the form type you selected, clear Do not print lines around each field.

    3. Click OK.

    4. To see how the printed form will look, click the Print drop-down arrow at the top of the form and then click Preview.

      The Print drop-down menu

  • When I print individual forms

    To do this task

    1. Open the form you want to print.

    2. Click Print at the top of the form.

    3. Click the Settings tab and do one of the following:

      • To remove all lines from this form when you print, select the Do not print lines around each field checkbox.

      • To add lines to this printed form, select the checkbox to clear it.

    4. Click OK.

There is also a different option that allows you to print lines or borders for individual fields on a customized form.

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