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Edge of text is clipped or cut off when printing

Reports and graphs. If the text near the edges of a report or graph is missing or cut off, the margins may be too small, or you may have specified margins that are beyond the printable area of your printer.

Forms. If the text within a form you have designed is cut off, the field may be too small.

Text clipping can also indicate that the selected font is too complex for the print area. Go to the File menu and click Printer Setup. In the Printer Setup window, choose the appropriate Font area and select another font, and/or reduce the font size. Disable any font controllers, such as Adobe Type Manager.

Occasionally, a font controller or enhancer, such as Adobe Type Manager, may cause QuickBooks to produce unwanted results on the printout. If changing the font or size did not reduce the clipping, exit QuickBooks, disable the font program, and then try printing again. Refer to that program's documentation for instructions on disabling it.

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