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Create or edit a price level

Note: You must have the price levels preference enabled to create or edit price levels.

Assign currencies to per item price levels

The currency of price levels must match the currency of the customer using the price level.

To set custom per item prices for foreign customers, create a per item price level for each customer's currency. The custom price you assign is the price in the customer's currency and, in transactions, the exchange rate is ignored.

To do this task

  1. Go to the Lists menu and click Price Level list.

  2. Click Price Level at the bottom of the list and click New or Edit Price Level.

  3. Enter the name of the new price level.

  4. Choose the price level type.

    The type can be either Fixed % or Per Item.

    Note: The Per Item price level is only available if you have QuickBooks Premier or higher.

    • If you choose fixed percentage, you can increase or decrease prices on all items by a fixed percentage. You can also round sales prices up to the whole dollar, if you have set this Company preference when you elected to use price levels.

    • If you choose per item, you have the flexibility to set the dollar amount prices of individual items for different customers or jobs.

  5. For fixed percentage price levels, choose whether to increase or decrease and enter a percentage.


    For per item price levels, either enter the new price in the Custom Price column, or choose one or more items from the list and click the Adjust Selected Prices button to adjust the prices in bulk.

  6. For per item price levels, the currency of the price level must match the currency of the foreign customer for whom you want to set the custom price for. Create a per item price level for each foreign currency as needed.
    Note: Fixed percentage price levels are not based on currency and are available for all customers.

  7. Click OK to go back to the price level list.

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