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Transfer or exchange daily Point of Sale data

The easiest way to transfer daily QuickBooks Point of Sale data to QuickBooks is to include the Financial Exchange option in your End of Day procedure in QuickBooks Point of Sale. The End of Day procedure can perform a number of store-closing actions, including settling credit card batches, running a Store Close Report, backing up your Point of Sale data, and exchanging information with QuickBooks.

  • To access the End of Day procedure in Point of Sale, select End of Day from the Point of Sale menu at the top of the screen.

You can also initiate a Financial Exchange manually at any time from within Point of Sale. A manual exchange does not differ from that conducted during End of Day; both methods send all data that has not yet been sent to QuickBooks. You might use this feature, for example, if you want to do mid-day billings from QuickBooks and want to be sure that you have up-to-the-minute Point of Sale sales data.

  • To exchange data manually, select Update QuickBooks Now from the Point of Sale Financial menu or from within the Financial Center.

When the exchange is completed, a summary window displays the number of records exchanged and whether any errors occurred. Select View Activity Log from this window for help in troubleshooting any errors that are listed.

For more information, search the Point of Sale help system using keyword "Financial Exchange."

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