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About default financial exchange mappings

Mapping refers to how accounts, various fields, and payment types in QuickBooks Point of Sale are linked to your QuickBooks accounts. These mappings specify how Point of Sale data is transferred to QuickBooks.

Default item account mappings

Item accounts specify where Point of Sale transfers item sales (Income), cost (COGS), and inventory value (Asset) amounts when the various item types items are sold. These are default accounts, assigned to new items as they are added to inventory. Optionally, you can apply changes to all existing items, create sub-accounts by department, or assign accounts on an item-by-item basis on the item record in Point of Sale inventory.

POS Item Type Income Account COGS Account Asset Account
Inventory Merchandise Sales Cost of Goods Sold Inventory Asset
Assembly Merchandise Sales Cost of Goods Sold Inventory Asset
Special Order Merchandise Sales Cost of Goods Sold Inventory Asset
Non-inventory Merchandise Sales Purchases - Resale Items Purchases - Resale Items
Service Service Sales Subcontracted Services Subcontracted Services
Group not applicable not applicable not applicable

Default account mappings

The following table shows the QuickBooks accounts that are mapped to payment related Point of Sale fields.

Point of Sale Field QuickBooks Account
Cash in Drawer Cash in Drawer
Check Undeposited Funds
Credit Card Undeposited Funds
Debit Card Undeposited Funds
Gift Certificate Gift Certificates Outstanding
Gift Cards Gift Cards Outstanding
Accounts Receivable Accounts Receivable
Sales Tax Sales Tax Payable
Customer Order Deposit Taken Customer Deposits
Purchase Clearing Unbilled Purchases
Voucher Adjustment Purchase Discounts
Freight In Freight & Shipping Costs
Voucher Fee Freight & Shipping Costs
Accounts Payable Accounts Payable
POS Balancing Adjustments Balancing Adjustments
Shipping Employee Tips Payable
Pay Out Expense Pay Out Expense

Payment type mappings

The following tables shows the mapping between Point of Sale payment fields and QuickBooks Payment Methods and Types. These payment types are required if the Merchant Account Reconciliation feature is used. These mappings cannot be changed in Point of Sale, but if these mappings are changed in QuickBooks by changing the payment type and method associations, the Merchant Account Reconciliation feature does not work.

Point of Sale Field QuickBooks
Payment Method
QuickBooks Payment Type
Cash Cash Cash
Check Check Check
Gift Card Gift Card Gift Card
Debit Card Debit Card Debit Card
Credit Card: Visa Visa Visa
Credit Card: MasterCard MasterCard MasterCard
Credit Card: Discover Discover Discover
Credit Card: American Express American Express American Express
Credit Card: Diners Club Diners Club Other Credit Card
Credit Card: JCB JCB Other Credit Card

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