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Customize financial exchanges between Point of Sale and QuickBooks

There are several ways you can customize how your QuickBooks Point of Sale data is sent to QuickBooks.

The following options are available to configure in Point of Sale company preferences. For more information on configuring and using these options, refer to your Point of Sale in-product Help:

  • Send Point of Sale receipts and vouchers with detailed item descriptions

    In the default setup, sales receipts and receiving documents are sent to QuickBooks in a summarized format. This streamlines financial exchange and presents data in a concise format. If you prefer, you can send these documents in a detailed format—with specific items listed—allowing you to send itemized statements to customers and vendors from within QuickBooks.

  • Change the way vendor billing information is handled

    You can enter vendor billing information for merchandise purchases on receiving vouchers in Point of Sale or in QuickBooks. This setting determines whether receiving vouchers created in Point of Sale end up in QuickBooks as item receipts or as bills.

  • Customize account mappings

    If you wish to have Point of Sale data sent to accounts other than the default accounts, you can link accounts in Point of Sale to different QuickBooks accounts of your choosing.

  • Send original and discounted sales values

    By default, Point of Sale sends discounted item sale amounts to your QuickBooks financial software in "net" amounts, i.e., the discount amount is not accounted for separately. If you prefer, you can send both the original and discounted price, so that you can use QuickBooks reports to see how discounts are affecting your bottom line.

  • Change the customer name order for exchanges

    Use this setting to control the order in which Point of Sale sends customer names so that it matches the order you use in the QuickBooks customer Full Name field.

    Use QuickBooks Classes to run reports by store (applies only to the Pro Multi-Store level of Point of Sale)

    You can run profit/loss (P/L) reports for each store as well as the entire company in QuickBooks, by assigning a QuickBooks class to each store using Point of Sale.

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