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Write a check to fund petty cash or a cash drawer

To do this task

  1. Go to the Banking menu and click Write Checks.

  2. In the Payee to the Order of field, do one of the following:

    • If an employee is cashing the check for you, click the Payee drop-down list and choose the employee's name

    • If you are cashing the check, type CASH.

      Note: If you get a Name Not Found message, click Quick Add to add it to your list of payees as an Other Name.

  3. Press Tab and enter the amount of the check.

  4. Click the Account field drop-down list and choose your petty cash account (or a cash drawer account).

  5. (Optional) Click the Memo field to enter information about the transaction, such as "For petty cash".

  6. Click Record.

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