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Sensitive accounting activities

This permission gives a user the ability to:

  • Use online banking. Any access to sensitive accounting gives the user online banking access if the user also has PIN access.

  • Maintain your company's chart of accounts.

  • Work in the register for any balance sheet account, including the register for undeposited funds.

  • Transfer funds between accounts.

  • Reconcile accounts.

  • Create budgets.

  • Make general journal entries.

  • Clean up the company data file.

  • Use Accountant's Review.

  • Create the payroll report that is available when the "Payroll reports only" preference is selected in the Payroll Preferences window (this is a different report than those that are available when payroll is fully turned on). To allow access to these reports, you must select either Full Access or "Create transactions and Create Reports" under Selective Access.

  • Print registers. To allow printing, you must select either Full Access or "Create and print transactions" under Selective Access.

Important: With the exception of the Payroll Info report, this permission does not provide the ability to create reports or to change and delete previously-recorded transactions. You can assign permission to create sensitive financial reports on the next screen. And you can assign permission to change and delete transactions on the screen following the next screen.

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