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Purchases and accounts payable

This permission gives a user the ability to:

  • Enter and pay bills.

  • Enter reimbursable expenses.

  • Write purchase orders. Receive against purchase orders.

  • Enter credit card charges.

  • Pay sales tax.

  • Access vendor information in the Vendor Center.

  • Use the accounts payable register.

  • Customize the look of sales and purchase forms.

  • Maintain the Vendor Type and Purchase Order lists.

  • Print 1099 forms. To allow printing, you must select either Full Access or "Create and print transactions" under Selective Access.

  • Create accounts payable, purchase, and vendor reports. To allow access to these reports, you must select either Full Access or "Create transactions and Create Reports" under Selective Access.

Important: This permission does not provide the ability to change or delete previously-recorded transactions. You can assign permission to change and delete transactions when you come to the window titled "Changing or Deleting Transactions."

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